Aqua Green

About Us

Aqua green is one of the leading companies providing a wide range of water purifying and treatment products. Our company is known for providing world’s finest water as well as affordable water purifiers. Aqua Green, completely understand the significance order to lead a better as well as healthy life. We have a team of professionals who make use of latest technologies in order to produce the water purifier that removes all the impurities and make water completely pure.

We are involved in providing the best water purifies for residential, commercial and industrial use like  reverse osmosis(RO) Systems, RO de ionizer units, Alkaline water system, whole house water filtration systems and other water treatment components like cartridges, fittings, membranes, pumps and all other accessories. Aqua Green mission to guarantee you that you gets a 100% pure, fresh and mineralized water, free from all kind of bacteria.